Is AliExpress Safe?

Probably one of the largest ecommerce sites out there, AliExpress offers a nice and varied shopping experience that individuals from all over the world can now have access to. Considering that the platform has a nice mix of big and small stores, shoppers are surely in for a treat with AliExpress. The push for independent stores allows for more choices – but of course, there does seem to have a risk of having to deal with merchants that do not have much marketing exposure, as compared to big names with an impressive sales track record!

As such, we’d like to shed more light on finding out if AliExpress is a safe place to shop. After all, you’d want your hard-earned money pushed towards ventures that will help you out, right?

What is AliExpress – A Quick Rundown on this Platform

Let us quickly find out more about this ecommerce platform before diving deeper into finding out if you’ll have a safe shopping experience here!

In a nutshell, AliExpress is the gigantic (and successful) Alibaba Group’s foray into the ecommerce ecosystem. With reaching almost a decade of serving merchants and customers worldwide (the site was launched on April 26, 2010), AliExpress continues to be a reliable marketplace that can even match up (or perhaps, even excel over) popular ecommerce shopping site, eBay.

Aside from being a conventional (with a really wide variety of products and stores alike) ecommerce site, AliExpress has integrated several innovative features into its platform, such as an affiliate marketing system, multi-payment options, and even cloud computing.

Safety Features the AliExpress Integrates

First and foremost – no matter how much safety features a platform claims to have, a safe shopping experience, ultimately, all boils down on the interaction between a shopper and a merchant. As compared to the main Alibaba site (which focuses on wholesale transactions), AliExpress hopes to create a more personalized – and human – touch on shopping. And by enhancing this interaction, a safer shopping experience can soon be expected.

To paint an even clearer picture, here’s what make AliExpress different from Alibaba (and in effect, other ecommerce sites as well):

Meant for Small Players

Big things can happen from small beginnings, and that’s what AliExpress has to offer for you. Instead of getting bulk orders from a big store, shoppers can shop small from other hole-in-the-wall merchants. This can prove to be advantageous – you can shop for smaller quantities (if you couldn’t afford bulk purchases) and even find hard-to-find items. Going for the merchant’s perspective, small stores and even resellers now stand to gain a bigger opportunity by having their products available for a larger market.

Faster Delivery

Considering that these are smaller orders compared to Alibaba transactions, AliExpress deliveries are much faster. However, do take this with a grain of salt. Depending on the season or demand of a product, shipping may be from 20 to a whopping 60 days! Of course, tracking numbers are available, to give you the peace of mind you need to find out where your goods are.

Better Protection

Granting that AliExpress wants to retain a strong ang lasting shopper and merchant platform experience, better and more innovative safety features have been integrated. We will be tackling more about these innovations below!

Bang for the Buck

Considering the many merchants showcasing their wares on the platform, it does come as no surprise that prices on AliExpress are far cheaper than other ecommerce sites. Granted that the majority of the shops are from China, production costs are way below than products made in other countries. Additionally, there is also a high chance that you are purchasing goods straight from a supplier – as such, really lower prices, since there is no middle man or entity selling the products. Of course, it goes without saying that proper vigilance and checking on a merchant is needed (counterfeit products are quite difficult to track, hence the need to further investigate a store before purchasing anything from it).  

Ultimately, AliExpress not only aims to provide a safe experience. The value of one’s money is held the most in this platform!

All About Buyer Protection (or How to Get a Refund – Because You Deserve It!)

Essentially, AliExpress’ Buyer Protection service gives you the assurance you get exactly what you bought at the right or reasonable time frame designated between you and the merchant. And it is really easy to sign up for this program – you don’t need to do anything at all!

That’s right – every purchase you’ve made on the AliExpress ecommerce platform makes you eligible and covered by the Buyer Protection Service. To make it really easy to understand, here are the three general steps that this program follows:

  1. Simply contact AliExpress for any problem regarding the purchase you have made on the platform.
  2. You now have the option to open a dispute against the store you have made the purchase (AliExpress will back you up on this).
  3. In any instance that the store does not respond to the dispute, AliExpress will give you a full refund for your purchase (within 15 days).

Simple and easy – just the way you like it. Additionally, AliExpress offers two forms of Buyer Protection services:

Basic Buyer Protection

Involves the three main steps mentioned above. Additionally, you also have the option to further escalate a dispute if you are not satisfied with the resolution.

Advanced Buyer Protection

Aside from the mentioned steps, this option also comes with an extra warranty option. Depending on the merchant or seller, a 2-year guarantee is placed on products. This option is limited to various EU countries, with the warranty either manually selected or automatically applied when you make a purchase.

How’s that for protection? AliExpress sure has your back with this Buyer Protection system!

AliExpressSafety Factors You Need to Be Aware Of!

We’ve mentioned earlier the importance of AliExpress making sure that a healthy seller and buyer experience is done on its platform. And because of this interaction, AliExpress made sure to integrate key features that helps in preventing shopping mishaps and the like. Given that everyone deserves to get what they ordered, AliExpress made sure to implement necessary steps for a shopper to stay protected on every purchase they have made on the platform. Here are the three interesting and efficient safety nets integrated by AliExpress:

Product Feedback

Sure enough, a common issue that ecommerce sites experience is that the product you’ve purchased isn’t the same as what’s described or shown. It surely can be frustrating if what’s shown on a merchant’s store is way different from the actual product! This simple rating system allows you to check for reviews or comments made by other customers. Of course, more good reviews mean that the products sold by a particular merchant are worth every penny!

Seller Feedback

AliExpress has a nice rating system that shows how successful a merchant has with its customers. This way, you will be able to gauge if you will able to get the products you want. Also, the seller feedback rating system would also give you a good idea on how fast shipments are made.

Payment Options

Convenience is always put in the same pedestal as security on AliExpress. Aside from the mentioned Buyer Protection program, the two available payment options (PayPal and credit card) gives you an easier shopping experience on the platform.

Again, it is easy and simple. Staying safe while enjoying some nice shopping is possible on AliExpress!

How to Stay Safe in AliExpress: A Satisfying Shopping Experience Begins by Being Safe

For an even safer (and more satisfying) shopping experience, we’d like to share some simple yet efficient tips that you may want to do when on AliExpress!

Make Use of Your AliExpress Coupons

Aside from making use of the Buyer Protection System, integrate the use of AliExpress Coupons. These deals and promos are usually updated a lot, so always make sure if there are available coupons for you to make use of. 

Always Check Feedback

And this goes for both product and seller. Remember, you want to make the most out of your experience on this platform. Taking the time to check both the products and the merchant’s reputation will result to a better and satisfying AliExpress purchase. Besides, these two features are there for you to avoid scammers!

Always Check Delivery Time

Always consider the estimated delivery period whenever you’re buying on AliExpress. Not only can you help set expectations on when to get a product – it will also help you provide more details if ever you need to open a dispute in the Buyer Protection program.

Check Your Goods

It isn’t over even when you’ve received your product! Make sure that everything is in working order once you’ve received your product. Otherwise, go through the Buyer Protection option to file a dispute and get back your money!

Bonus: Be Wary of Fraudsters

We’ve mentioned it earlier, and we’re mentioning it again – always be on the lookout for scammers. Even if it’s from a certified store, you always want to secure yourself. If the price seems too low, don’t be tempted – there’s always a catch! As much as there’s a Buyer Protection in place, you, of course, wouldn’t want to go through the hassle and frustration of dealing with shady people!

Have these tips in mind and you’re sure to enjoy shopping in AliExpress!

You Can Have a Happy (and Safe!) Shopping Experience in AliExpress

AliExpress is definitely a safe place to shop! If there would be any issue, then it would be on some merchants trying to game the system. But with proper knowledge (and the tips above), you can be sure to keep it safe and light on this platform. Enjoy shopping!

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