B57 Smartwatch Review in 2020

The power and capabilities that a smartwatch has are really incredible. Smartwatches just don’t tell time. They make our lives a lot easier and convenient. But a lot of times you can hear other people saying that smartwatches are a waste of money. Well, those people might have not realized the capability of these technologies which can significantly improve our lifestyle. They can be right, however, if you buy the wrong smartwatch. So choosing the best one for you that suits your need and preference is vital. 

This article is an in-depth review of one of the best budget smartwatches in the market – the B57 Smartwatch. This is one of the many good options that you can consider if you’re thinking of buying one. This is a smartwatch with a great deal of cost and advantages. Read further and check out our unbiased review about this tech.

BatteryStand By/Actively UsingAppChip 
150mAh25 days/7 daysiOS/AndroidNRF52832Check on AliExpress


The design comes in a rectangular display and it’s built with soft TPU Band and steel pin buckle. It features a sleek and neat style overall. And one thing that is most impressive in its design is the huge 1.3 inch IPS high-resolution colored display that shows high-resolution graphic images. This smartwatch is IP67-rated, which means that the watch is protected from dust and water splashes. If you have a sweaty wrist, then wearing the B57 won’t be an issue since the device is waterproof. 


The design is really impressive and it does not compromise the comfort that this watch offers. The steel pin buckle contributes to the overall comfortable feeling of wearing it. It is skin-friendly and the device itself is relatively light, so it won’t leave you any imprints. 


b57 smartwatch review

The B57 has time, battery icon, date, and week displays. It has a standard sports function and it features a small touch button at the bottom which allows you to select between different stats the B57 is tracking. The device gives you a real-time reading of your heart rate. It also has other health checkup functions such as the blood oxygen test and blood pressure test. During aerobic activity, your heartbeat condition and blood oxygen levels can be checked at any time if they are within normal or not. Not only that, but this amazing device will also help you to lose or maintain your weight by guiding you to boost your cardiorespiratory capacity.

The device can also be set into a multi-sports mode if you are into cycling, skipping, basketball, swimming, and running among many other sports activities. It measures your sports steps, distance covered, and even calories data can be recorded for a more accurate measure of physical activity. These stats can, even more, encourage you to engage in aerobic activities. The watch has a sleep time display and a reminder function, including social media software reminders. It has a motion tracker to take care of you all day. And other state-of-the-art functions such as motor vibration switch, weather reminders, history message storage, brightness and music adjustment, clock interface selection can also be done by this smartwatch. 

If you are in a noisy setting, the B57 will inform you when there’s a call incoming and you can accept or decline the call using the smartwatch. And if you like taking selfies, you will enjoy taking selfies just using a touch on the screen of this smartwatch. 


The B57 weighs about 0.0257 kg which is relatively lighter than many others. The package weight is about 0.075 kg and it comes in a size of 8 by 8 by 5 cm.


The B57 is compatible with IOS 9.0 or above, and Android 4.4 or above. It’s affordable and can be a smart choice for both men and women. The device app also supports multiple languages such as English, Russian, Ukrainian, Japanese, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic, and Korean.

Highlights of the B57

An extremely long battery life with only one charge. Very high quality product at a ridiculously low price.
Definitely a buy recommendation. Especially if it is to be the first Smartwatch. It is a good way to immerse yourself in the world of Smartwatches and develop a feeling for it.

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  1. Is there any written set up instructions in English for the B57 Smart Watch. There is little information in the package.


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